We are proud to inform that we are carving all our products traditionally by hands. Machines are used only as little as possible. You can feel that hand touch in each individual piece if you see closely the livelyness of leaves and details that are impossibl to attain by machines. To make a small piece of hand carvings, our dedicated highly skilled crraftsmen devote their countless hours. We can not stock these pieces as our clients always want best custom made pieces. You will need to order and give us some time to complete your order if you are fond of decorating your homes with memorable hand made wood carvings that are carved only for you.

We are a made to order 100%EOU (Export Oriented Unit) manufacturing company, so we produce most items specifically for customer's confirmed orders. We do not stock items except for some small quantities of frequently ordered items. You will need to place an order before the actual carving operation will commence and allow us to produce it per your requirements and satisfaction.


One can navigate through the vast range of our products and select the items which are in your wishlist to purchase. Select their wood type and sizes if given and checkout without payment. This order will reach to us for review. We will immediately contact you for the payment via PayPal or Bank Transfers. Your order will be considered CONFIRMED when you deposit the money. You are able to cancel your order before payment.


We have extensive experience in packing for export. We assure that the delicate carvings, once packed, must be received by the client in pristine condition. All items are first packed in three-ply small inner boxes with adequate shredded paper insulation. Pieces in the small inner boxes are restrained with rubber bands or plastic ties before packing. This is done to further resist damage in transit. All inner small boxes containing carvings are placed in larger nine-ply outer cartons and sealed with adhesive packing tape. The outer cartons are then wrapped in a plastic sheath to prevent moisture incursion. Finally, the boxes are tied with plastic strips to further secure the goods contained within.

The packing is done per the government standards for exporters. All delicate carvings are packed with adequate paper insulation in the inner as well as outer boxes. Applied carvings or free-standing  handicrafts and other gift items are packed in compliance with export and import regulation procedures which assure zero percent breakage.



The buyer may specify the preferred shipping method. All small consignments are dispatched by FedEx or DHL Courier, and can be collected by the buyer at their doorsteps. All larger consignments are shipped by sea freight. All shipping documentation is done by us and the consignment will be delivered without any further documentation required. Although most of the items are quoted as freight charges included, we reserve the right to change this condition as a function of the size and price of the ordered items. 


For all orders which are small enough to send via Courier, we book them through DHL, FedEX or UPS as per the availablity of quick and timely dispatching of freight. Most orders are delivered to the door, but larger orders shipped via sea will be delivered to the sea port or the buyer will mutually discuss and agree to a door delivery agreement.






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