Depending of the size of the orders, we have following two types of Payment Terms:-

(A) FOR FULL CONTAINER ORDERS:The buyer will open an irrevocable Letter of Credit (L/C) for the full Proforma invoiced value in the name of our company. The original letter of credit is to be sent to us. Production of items ordered will commence after the inspection of the viability of the Letter of Credit. The documents for such consignment will be negotiated through the bank. The Letter of Credit typically remains open for 90 days. The buyer will take delivery of the goods after the receipt clearance from his bank.

{B} FOR SMALLER AIR/COURIER SHIPMENTS:this is our normal and widely accepted practice for online retail sales from website . If the order is very small (Below US$@2000), the buyer will be required to deposit full payment in advance to avoid excessive bank charges on both ends. Alternatively, the buyer will deposit 50% amount of the Proforma invoice value as advance payment. After the completion of the order we will send photographs and the packing list which will indicate that the order has been completed and is ready to be transported. At that time, the buyer will be required to pay the remaining 50% or full balance amount. We will send the goods immediately and the documents will be sent to buyer directly for open delivery of the consignment. All transactions in this procedure are done directly through the Bank or Paypal.


For smaller retail orders from website the customer will be required to pay after check out from the website. The payment via PayPal is acceptable for orders below US$1000 only.The PayPal charges for this facility from us and our bank also charge us for all inwards transaction from PayPal. The customer will need to pay 10% of the total order in addition as PayPal charges.


There are NO CHARGES on any transaction via Banks Transfers direct to our bank account given to you at the the time of ordering. All charges in our country boundries will be paid by us but all charges outside India will be borne by the customer. We must recieve the full amount in the form of foreign currency at our bank. Kindly pay your required charges at the time of treansfer at your end.

We give a full replacement guarantee for all of our items found below standard or foulty. Once the buyer determines that the goods he purchased are not up to the required standard of quality, replacement may be requested. We will inspect the items by way of asking for some rejected items to be returned to us or to have photographs of the defective pieces submitted to us. If we find that the items are not fit for their intended purpose, we will promptly replace the entire quantity of goods. We do not offer refunds, but we will replace any product of questionable quality. We assure that all of our items are perfect in quality in every respect, but claims are sincerely accepted. Digital photographs of defective goods can also be accepted for any claims.

Although all replacement are 100% FREE OF COST but any freight charges for the replacement will be borne by the customer.

Since these are hand made custom wood carvings, it is expected that some minor changes will be acceptable. Considerable changes in size will be advised prior to production. Also, prices are subject to change without prior notice, but the price is firm upon acceptance of the order. It is advisable that our client get our latest price quotation before ordering. The items displayed on our website may not have been originally designed by us. If we are reproducing these items, there may be little variations from the original. The items displayed on our website may not precisely resemble the final and physical sample since the wood may be different from that of exhibited items. 

Samples of any item may be sent free of charge, but freight charges will be paid by the buyer.

Some items shown on our website may be resembling to registered copyright items by other company in many countries. These items are produced by us upon request. In instances in which there may be a resemblance with a copyright design we will not be responsible for any conflict untill we are informed by a copyright owner. We can stop producing such items for the sake of the business of copyright owner. We are the manufacturer of the wood carvings and a team of our designers create many new items every year. But some overseas importers may obtain copyright for those items in their countries which in turn becomes a part of a cause of action for us. We have recently experienced that some Chiniese companies have downloaded our product pictures and shown on their website as their own products. The customer will be sole responsible for purchasing copyright design.




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